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Look of actors: A detour to Guinea


“Guinea does not attract but retains”, confided Sylla, one of these young people met in the commune of Ratoma in Conakry. Unlike Dakar, the cornice of beaches at Conakry does not attract tourists who wander in the region. However, the hospitality of the Guinean population and the enchantment offered by the diversity of cultures that coexist in the country, come to offset this forgetfulness of Mother Nature. Like all young people in the world, these young Guineans are overflowing with questions about the injustices they experience on a daily basis, sometimes at the risk of becoming radicalized in violent actions against their government. Citizen mobilizations on the streets of Conakry and the interior of the country on the transparency of electoral processes, the non-cumulation of mandates, corruption, expensive living, housing problems, unemployment, often repressed by the authorities, serve more and more forum for the expression of a desperate youth on his future in Guinea. A youth that has found salvation for several decades by settling in various other African countries or by migrating to other continents farthest from Guinea. (suite…)