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Smuggling of Togolese migrants and human trafficking

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Migrants rights in Togo


           The year 2015 saw the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the rights of all migrant workers and their family members. For this occasion, and seeking to secure an increased consideration of migrant rights and to motivate a migration policy that will bring development to the Togolese state, the association Visions Solidaires publishes a second report on migrants rights in Togo which follows from the previous one issued in 2013. This fifty page inventory of migration law in Togo offers a concise approach to the whole of legal norms pertaining to migration as well as their practical enforcement. For comprehension purposes, it classifies migrants into 10 categories based on:

  1. The content of the legal norms
  2. Their practical reach
  3. The recommendations that Visions Solidaires drew from its analysis.

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