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BIG NOISE CAMPAIGN for the free movement of people 2013


Launching of the 2nd BIG NOISE CAMPAIGN for the free movement of people

For the second year in a row, Visions Solidaires Association is launching the BIG NOISE CAMPAIGN for the free movement of people. In a year marked by the death of numerous African migrants, the BIG NOISE CAMPAIGN will focus on fair migratory policy. Tribute will be paid to the martyrs of the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Guinean Gulf, the deserts of Africa, and to all the migrants, who, worldwide, lost their lives, seeking peace and daily bread.

 For a whole month, various activities centred on migration will be carried out through out different regions of Togo. In areas where migratory tendency is strong, seminaries will be organised, primarily meant for the young and their parents, to question the impetus for leaving, to favour the implementation of support platforms for migrants, and thus to avoid future human tragedies.  Also part of the programme of the campaign, street theatre will be used in Lomé poor neighbourhoods to update the representation of migration and of the Western world, in the Togolese society.

Tribute will be paid to the migrants, and more particularly to the Togolese migrants who died, far away from their ancestors’ home land, religious services will take place in churches, temples and mosques for the repose of the souls of our dear brothers and sisters. On the 18th of December 2013, the International Day of Migration, celebrated by Visions Solidaires for the 6th time, will be the ultimate point of the campaign.

Visions Solidaires Association calls on every citizen, on every organisation concerned with the right for people to move freely, to support and sign the campaign petition, available on Visions Solidaires site:, to put an end to the injustice undergone by the Togolese migrants when they apply for a visa in foreign embassies and consulates accredited to Togo, or at land borders, during their journey.

Throughout the campaign, Visions Solidaires Team will collect the testimonies of Togolese people who have undergone injustice when applying for a visa in embassies and consulates, to bring their complaints to the political and administrative authorities.

Joining Visions Solidaires Team in the activities which will take place in Sokodé, Bafilo and Lomé, until December 18th 2013, is another way to support this second « Big Noise Campaign ».  Material and financial support for this campaign is welcome too.

Let us work together for fair migratory justice

Done in Lomé, November 18th

Visions Solidaires

 Press contact: Samir ABI, Tel: 00 228 22 52 63 92 Email:


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