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Fair migratory policy for all



« Petition for a fair migratory policy for all »

 None can remain indifferent to the injustice against the free movement of people in the world. The right to move is accessible to the rich, and, more generally, to the inhabitants of the North. The populations of the South, faced with unfair migratory measures, and faced with measures going against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, pay a very high cost, since they pay with their lives. They pay a heavy tribute, because of the xenophobic police supposed to limit the movement of poor people.

Yet, recent technological development has opened a new moving era. Human beings, whatever their social origin, feel the need to move. Move to discover the natural beauty of our planet. Move to meet the Other, and live solidarity together. Move to promote their skills and labour force. Move to flee misery, wars, natural catastrophes, global warming… The impetus for leaving is multiple, yet, wherever he comes from, the migrant is far from being a criminal.

The necessity to find excuses to the employment crisis has turned migrants into modern scapegoats. Discriminatory policies, and the limitation of free movement of people have multiplied over the past thirty years without restraining the legitimate desire of the populations to move. The efforts, the migrant-to-be makes to leave abiding by the law, face humiliating and degrading practice in embassies and consulates. Being young, being single or other spurring allegations are all good “reasons” to prevent honest citizens from responding to their friends’ invitation to come over to Europe or North America.

Facing the will to block regular migration legally, those, who have no other hope than migration, are forced into risking their lives. The guiltiest silence is that of the political and administrative officials of our countries, who remain powerless in front of this tragedy, without being brave enough to call on the European authorities for the seriousness and the unfairness of the implemented policies.

As part of the 2nd BIG NOISE CAMPAIGN, and to call on the Togolese political and administrative authorities for their responsibilities in the injustice the visa applicants undergo in the foreign embassies and consulates accredited to Togo, and in the death of irregular Togolese migrants, far from our borders, Visions Solidaires Association calls on every citizen, on every organisation concerned with the right for people to move freely, to support and sign the campaign petition, available on Visions Solidaires site.

Both, this petition, and a document gathering the testimonies of the Togolese people who have undergone injustice in the foreign embassies and consulates accredited to Togo, will be handed to the Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Ministry, in December 18th 2013, when we celebrate the International Migrants Day.

Mobilize our strengths against migratory injustice, and for the right to move for all.

Sign the campaign petition on Visions Solidaires site or e-mail us :, giving us your names, and place of residence.



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