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The root causes of Irregular Migration

The fight against « the root causes of irregular migration » has become the European Union workhorse in Africa to respond to the drama that sees thousands of young Africans die in the Mediterranean Sea. To carry out this struggle, a summit brought together leaders from Europe and Africa on 11 and 12 November 2015 in Valletta in Malta. This summit should contribute to strengthening the Euro-African partnership against irregular migration and was sanctioned by a five-point action plan called « Action Plan of Valletta. » The actions contained in this plan as well focus on the development of employment projects to keep as possible young Africans on their continent as the fight against human trafficking. The Valletta Action Plan also takes into account the issue of refugees from conflicts in Africa, the issue of student and professional mobility but also and especially the question of the readmission of African « undocumented » living in Europe in their native country. At the end of the Valletta summit a trust fund of 1, 8 billion has been set up for the implementation of this plan.

At the same time as Europe is trying to strengthen the EU-Africa partnership to fight against « the root causes of irregular migration » by controlling the movement of young Africans, it continues to negotiate to liberalize as much as possible the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries markets to its products and to its investors. It also sign fisheries agreements to allow its contractors to come stock on the African coast. Furthermore it strengthens through significant funding of Frontex, the protection of its coasts and borders against unwanted migrants fleeing death orchestrated by the war machines sold by European companies to groups in conflict in Africa and the Middle East.

This paradoxical situation where the movement of goods and money is preferred to the movement of people can not leave indifferent because it creates tens of thousands of deaths in the seas and oceans surrounding the African continent. It is therefore urgent that a lasting solution is found to this problem and that solution must be reflected by taking into account the opinion of all the African and not only their leader. To find a cure for something, we must first fully understand the root causes whose analysis seems really escape Europe that sees defeat all projects undertaken to stop the arrival of migrants on their ground. To deepen the understanding of African social actors on the « root causes of irregular migration » and contribute to the discussion that will lead the African Heads of State meeting in Lomé for the extraordinary summit of the African Union on maritime safety, Visions Solidaires will organize on 15th  and 16th  October 2016 in Lomé an African Migrations Academy. The  African Migrations Academy will bring together civil society’s experts from 22 countries in Africa and the rest of the world. It will be preceded by a Peoples Summit on maritime safety and the protection of migrants at sea. Discover the program by clicking below:

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